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    Did you know a poor or improperly working exhaust system can affect the performance of your engine?

    Here’s a little science lesson on how that engine in your vehicle works:  your engine consists of pistons that go up and down as a result of an explosion caused by the combination of air, fuel and a spark. Because these little explosions are contained in the cylinders of your engine they cause pressure which pushes the piston which in turn creates torque which is then sent to the wheels and makes your car go.custom_exhaust

    The byproduct of these explosions are little gas particles found is the exhaust your engine creates. Now if these little particles were not allowed to escape through your engine’s exhaust system they would certainly clog up your engine causing drivability problems and have a direct affect on your gas mileage. From a performance standpoint the faster this gas escapes your engine the more horsepower your engine will produce.

    An exhaust system that is restricted due to either a bad muffler, failed catalytic converter or a constricted flow through the manifolds can noticeably affect your engine’s performance. Today, with gas prices going nowhere but up, it is important that our customers get every mile they can from each gallon of gas.

    If your vehicle feels sluggish or you aren’t getting the mileage your owner’s manual states you should be, you should have your exhaust system checked. A big step in improving your gas mileage, believe it or not, is an efficiently operating stock or performance exhaust system.

    5 Star Auto Care specializes in exhaust system repair and fabrication. Whether you’re looking to repair or replace your stock system, have a custom modified vehicle or looking to give your vehicle just the right look, sound and feel we can build it for you. All of our custom exhaust systems are hand built and fitted to your vehicle by our professionally trained fabricators ensuring 100% fitment and function throughout.

    Worried about those emission controls?  We can fabricate or install a cat-back (converter on back) system that will allow you to leave the emission controls in place while adding the performance system.

    Give us a call and we will be happy to help you with designing a exhaust system that will fit your applications needs.


    • OE style exhaust repair, installation or fabrication
    • good custom logoOE certified EPA compliant and high flow catalytic converters
    • Emission component replacement
    • Header installation or fabrication
    • Performance mufflers
    • Stainless and chrome exhaust tips
    • Dual exhaust fabrication
    • Pipe design and bending services
    • Flex coupling repair
    • Mandrel exhaust system fabrication
    • Stainless steel and aluminized pipe materials
    • In house 5 Gas emissions testing equipment
    • Diesel truck performance exhaust systems
    • Welding services for steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials
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